Husband Wants a Thai Tattoo

When my husband told me he was getting a tattoo I asked him where would he be living? We have two young sons and I really didn’t want them to be influenced by his idea of body art. Thoughts of sailors and drunken soldiers and of my own mother’s disgust at any man having a tattoo sprang to mind. Slowly, however, after a lot of persistence on his part I gradually came round to his way of thinking and reluctantly gave my consent for him to have his first ever body engraving - but after research we decided it should be a Buddhist Thai tattoo.

Interested in Buddhist Tattoos

We worked together on the internet and there were so many sites and so many tattoos to choose from, but there was one site in particular that drew my eyes and won me over. The imagery of Thai tattoos got me immediately interested and I loved the explanation of what each one represented. My friend at the school where I work has a butterfly on her ankle and it was that kind of low art I abhor, but here on the screen I was seeing for the first time how beautiful tattoos can be and how they can enhance one’s appearance in a more sophisticated way.

You may have guessed by now what’s coming next? Not only did my husband get his first tattoo but I got mine. In fact we went together for our anniversary - we actually drank some champagne in a little bar just round the corner from the tattoo parlour before we went in. A little bit of Dutch courage was needed! I ended up with a Thai tattoo on my shoulder which is five lines of Pali script which I understand brings good fortune and happiness which I favour obviously. The discussion about whether hubby should have a George Clooney style tribal Thai tattoo all the way up his arm as in ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ was soon over and he actually ended up with a very tasteful line of Sak Yant down his back. I think his was more painful than mine but we’re both very happy with the results so never say never!